Creative Non-Fiction

Gillian has completed much writing work, including creative non-fiction pieces and meditation scripts, for a variety of private clients. Beyond this, much of her written work can be found in the public domain. A selection of her published pieces can be found via the links below.

Conscious Magazine

The Power of Surrender

Conscious Movement

Welcoming Our Waves

The Mind-Body Connection: How to Harness Its Power

Elephant Journal

Achieving Our Deepest Penetration

What, Dear Heart, are you Hungry for?

What I Would Be. {Poem}

How to Recognize & Embrace our Inner Seasons

Thought Catalog

On Open Letter To The Authentic Men We Struggle To Trust

10 Signs Your Inner Goddess Is Ready And About To Emerge

A Love Letter To Anger

8 Things That The Spiritual Path Is Not

Additional Links

Reclaiming The Intimate And Sexual Body As Our Own
Sivana East

Reconnecting with Body and Soul
Allegory Ridge


Much poetry can be found on Gillian’s Instagram page. For additional links:

Healing Waters

Bodies of art intermingling