Gillian Florence is a poet, writer, dreamer, seeker, and rewilder. She is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Hatha yoga teacher who combines her knowledge of wellness with her strong intuitive abilities to reach the root of any given challenge, feeling, or experience. As a writer, Gillian crafts conscious material of various forms that reach the deeper levels of the psyche. As a rewilder, she seeks and soothes the parts that have gone untouched - the soul, the spirit, the heart of the matter.


Gillian crafts conscious content for small and large publications, for individuals and businesses. From poetry to guest posts to personal essays to non-fiction, her writing always weaves the thread of mindfulness. 


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When the soul shakes it is calling for our attention. Rewilding is the process of developing intuition, coming back to roots, connecting with soul and psyche, and getting back to the natural rhythm of things. Rewilding brings us back to balance amidst the constant flux of life, helping us to find meaning in our journey and strength in our selves.


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