The written word here is all about conscious content creation. From poetry and personal essays to creative non-fiction and meditation scripts, Gillian’s writing explores the depth and intricacy of human experience. Where there is a willingness to explore the complex root system of any matter, a whole-hearted, life-altering story waits to be told.

What is the story you wish to tell? What is the story you wish to hear?

Currently welcoming commissions.


When the soul shakes, there is a sense that something yearns for our attention, often pouring out in the form of depression, anxiety, stress, or physical illness; this is the way the body talks. Rewilding is the process of developing intuition, coming back to roots, connecting with heart and soul, and getting back to the natural rhythm of things so that we can experience greater vitality, contentment, and overall wellness. Rewilding brings us back to balance amidst the constant flux of life, helping us to find meaning in our journey and strength in our selves.

Gillian facilitates individual rewilding through retreats and workshops; however, she is currently on an extended personal retreat in Greece, strengthening her connection to the written word and to her personal spiritual practice.

Check back in spring 2019 for rewilding events, or reach out via email to be kept up-to-date on forecasted happenings.