Creative Non-Fiction

Gillian has completed much writing work, including creative non-fiction pieces and meditation scripts, for a variety of private clients. Beyond this, much of her written work can be found in the public domain. A selection of her published pieces can be found via the links below.

Conscious Magazine

The Power of Surrender

Conscious Movement

Welcoming Our Waves

The Mind-Body Connection: How to Harness Its Power

Elephant Journal

Achieving Our Deepest Penetration

What, Dear Heart, are you Hungry for?

What I Would Be. {Poem}

How to Recognize & Embrace our Inner Seasons

Thought Catalog

On Open Letter To The Authentic Men We Struggle To Trust

10 Signs Your Inner Goddess Is Ready And About To Emerge

A Love Letter To Anger

8 Things That The Spiritual Path Is Not

Yogi Press

How to relax after work

How to be patient

Additional Links

Love Doesn’t Die, It Transforms
Mind Café

Sacred Femininity: What It Is & 3 Ways to Embrace It
Sivana East

Reclaiming The Intimate And Sexual Body As Our Own
Sivana East

Reconnecting with Body and Soul
Allegory Ridge

No Relationship Is A Failed Relationship
P.S. I Love You


Much poetry can be found on Gillian’s Instagram page. For additional links:

Healing waters

Bodies of art intermingling

Prayer poem