Monday Musings ~ December 17th, 2018

Now that the most recent transition period in my life has slowed to a steady and slow rhythm, and we have settled into our new home on Karpathos, I feel called to reach out and into the virtual world through the creation of this new blog series: Monday Musings. It has been a long time since I have blogged; it feels like I have run into an old friend on an empty street, awkward, unsure of what to say to this familiar stranger. Nevertheless, I feel called to stumble my way through it – to burst through that shell again.

So, if you feel called to listen to what I might have to say, meet me on Mondays for weekly musings. From tarot readings to moon meanings, poetry to prose, some collection of thoughtful, conscious words will emerge here. Starting today…

I have been drawn to tarot these days, finding resonance with the universal messages and meanings of the cards. I have given five readings to friends of mine in order to deepen my understanding of the universal themes, to practice receiving intuitive messages, and to explore the connections between various elements and energies, even (and especially) when they are seemingly in contradiction. So with that in mind and heart, I will begin my first official musing with a tarot reading. The single card I pulled today, guided by my breath and by faith that whatever appeared would be meant to make its way into todays writing, was… the five of wands. So, let’s delve into the meaning of this active and energetic card. If it resonates with you, find your truth in that voice. If it doesn’t, honour that inner wisdom no less.

The five of wands (in the image below) shows five individuals in battle, their wands held as weapons. This card represents conflict and competition, shining light on where we might be feeling ‘up against’ someone, something, or the world at large. It asks us to thoughtfully consider what it is we are striving for. Is the competition we find ourselves in of benefit or detriment to our deepest goals? What is it that we hope to obtain by ‘winning’ this battle?

A commonly heard question comes to mind, “would you rather be right or happy?” It is a valuable question to ask ourselves; it challenges us to view any conflict we are engaged in from our higher mind. The energy of this card shines light on the ego’s tendency to lead the way; what if, instead, we led from the heart or from this sense of a higher mind?

Leading from the heart does not mean we abandon all of our individual needs, preferences, and desired outcomes; in fact, when we tune into what the heart requires to be happy (if happiness is one of our desired outcomes), we clear the competing clutter of an overactive ego and become better able to confidently stand up for our truest needs. What is worth fighting for? What are our deepest needs seeking from this situation? Can we honour our inner voice and yet still be flexible — can we remain connected to the other side of the fight?

We can ask ourselves, in meditation or thoughtful reflection, would I rather be right or happy? What do I authentically require to be happy? Is there a way to make room for the needs of others while still satisfying my own? What am I fighting for… and, if the fight is reaching futility, can I explore this with another approach and from a higher perspective?

With love,